Tempest Storm in “A Night in Hollywood” (1953)

Tempest Storm in “A Night in Hollywood” (1953)

Colour by palette.fm

This film is a record of a burlesque show featuring two songs performed by Wilma Westcott and Dorothy Ates, six dances with stripteases and four comedy skits. One of the skits comprises a discussion between Don Mathers and Bob Carney about Bob’s May-December romance, during which Don recommends that Bob consume raw oysters to liven up his honeymoon. Another skit features three drunken men, each of whom attempts to bring home his friends, only to be thrown out by his wife. Eventually they are welcomed into the home of a woman referred to them by a bartender. The show concludes with a dance and striptease by headliner Tempest Storm, after which all of the dancers take a bow.


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