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“Aphrodite and Venus rolled into one face and body one poster for her states.” Vintage Burlesque Model, Striptease artist: Kalantan aka: Sherrie Knight, Aileene Dupree. She was billed as an “interpreter of Afro-Cuban dance” in one of her Burlesque 16mm stag stripper films, but didn’t really posses the Latin rhythms needed to pull it off,  however her Burlesque Striptease interpretations were danced well even if not very Latin in nature however she had a great body and could strip well.

Kalantan the end of the show

Kalantan promo

Kalantan promo

Kalantan holding on

Kalantan letting it all out

Stripper Kalantan letting it all out on stage in a transparent bra

Kalantan promo photo

stripper Kalantan promo photo

Kalantan with the band

Kalantan and another layer comes off

Kalantan on stage

Stripper Kalantan on stage