Ladies Who Entertained Us

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They entertained by stripping off their clothes on stage, it started in Vaudeville where they went from fully dressed to a tiny costume, Burlesque became a  genre of its own where the show was just ladies stripping on stage. As things got more adventurous Strippers would offer their act even on Night Club floors. Later in the Century as technology evolved Ladies would perform on film and then video tape.


Desiree Cousteau

Desireé Cousteau in Pretty Peaches (1978)

Desiree Cousteau getting out of her jeep in Pretty Peaches (1978)

The film stars Desireé Cousteau as Peaches, described as “a daffy carefree female who cheerfully plunges through life without any worries.” In the film, she has a car accident after attending the wedding of her father (John Leslie) and is rendered unconscious. She is found by two men who take advantage of her, before offering to help her when it becomes apparent that she has amnesia.

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