Ladies Who Entertained Us

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They entertained by stripping off their clothes on stage, it started in Vaudeville where they went from fully dressed to a tiny costume, Burlesque became a  genre of its own where the show was just ladies stripping on stage. As things got more adventurous Strippers would offer their act even on Night Club floors. Later in the Century as technology evolved Ladies would perform on film and then video tape.

Shauna Grant

Shauna Grant in a red bikini

After arriving in Los Angeles, Shauna Grant unsuccessfully pursued several employment leads. her boyfriend then saw an ad for the World Modeling Agency in Van Nuys, which sought recruits for “figure modeling”. Accompanied by her boy friend, Shauna visited the agency’s owner, Jim South, who set up a photo session with legendary soft-core photographer J. Stephen Hicks. (Hicks’ work was frequently featured in Penthouse.)

Her first pictorial’s theme featured a mock camping set and was published by Club. Hicks reflected on Shauna Grant appearance and personality, saying: “I deal with a lot of girls who are new in the business, a lot of young girls and a lot of girls from out of town. She was so incredibly young and naive. She was completely un-hip and non-L.A.”

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